2017: The Year of Women

As a staunch advocate for women and newest team member to Tribe of Women, Amy asked me to write this summary of 2017 as a new perspective, in a new year, in a seemingly new era for women. It has been quite a ride! I don’t know about you, but I have somehow felt completely undone by the events of this year while simultaneously being uplifted by the kindness of my tribe and others all around me. Glennon Doyle speaks often of the reckoning and the revolution or the pain and the rising. The former always has to come before the latter, she says, and that is what we are living through- “first the pain, then the rising”.

So much has happened this year in our personal lives, communities, and society as a whole. Throughout it all, I hope you’ve found ways to engage with your support system, your tribe, in ways that make it all a little easier to process and take action where it is needed. No one can know what the year ahead will bring, but I know that we can never go back to a time when women’s voices were silent and we did not support one another. This has been declared the Year of Women, and I couldn’t agree more!

This year has highlighted the ways women reach out and support each other and how when that happens, we can move mountains. Early in the year, we spent time at the Bentonville Film Festival interviewing filmmakers from around the world working to bring diverse voices to media and film. Later in the year, the women of Hollywood have played a key role in being the  “The Silence Breakers”, and Time Magazine’s Person of The Year. As a group of people who came forward to start a conversation about sexual misconduct across the globe, these were predominantly women who came forward to report their all too similar stories about men in positions of power. Now they have their own tribe. This #MeToo movement (started in 2007 by Tarana Burke and amplified by actress Alyssa Milano) started a painful but necessary conversation about the frequency of sexual harassment, assault, and violence in our culture. In my day to day conversations with my tribe this comes up a lot – women everywhere are still grappling with the aftermath – now that our pain is in the light what do we do with it? How do we move forward when others being brave and speaking up triggers us in dealing with our own experiences? To help us with these questions, Amy interviewed Anne Shelley of the NWA Center for Sexual Assault for the Tribe Talk Podcast to help us learn how to talk with and support one another. This is not an easy or a quick process, but I know we cannot move forward unless we do it together.

Womens March on Washington 1 Tribe-it-forward-sign

Outside of the #MeToo movement, this has been a year of women coming forward to lead in all aspects of life, particularly in politics. Women marched, called, and protested so much Merriam Webster named feminism it’s word of the year in 2017. There is no way our favorite F-word would have been word of the year without this incredible year of women. Since the women’s march that engaged the nation (check out Episode 4 of the Tribe Talk podcast for Laurie Marshall’s interviews from Washington) over 20,000 women have stepped forward to run for office at all levels of government. These women are bringing more women with them – on their campaign teams and as advisers- so there can be a greater diversity of voices. We know that women working together changes systems and cultures, and that empathy – the power behind the way we tribe it forward – makes it so women fight for other women even when an issue doesn’t affect them directly.

We have seen this happen in a myriad of issue areas. Women-owned business and women investing in women is on the rise! We learned so much about this when we teamed up with other entrepreneurs to bring a screening of the movie “Dream, Girl” to our local area and interviewed the director, Erin Bagwell, for the podcast. Tribe of Women has sought out partners, and we’re so fortunate there are so many incredible women-owned businesses to choose from. We love our retail partnerships with Mood & Market who’s UNDERWear line of tees give a portion of the proceeds to the Tribe Talk workshops we do for non-profit organizations like Dress for Success. Our events and adventures with i’Mindful for their Boss Lady Mixer series, and Ea Chica, Wendy J. Poole, Gold Hand Girls on the Team Together workshop, have been memorable and we look forward to even more coming in 2018. Tell us about women-owned businesses you support! We’re always looking for more ways to partner.

However you supported women in 2017 and however you plan to continue that in the 2018, know that Tribe of Women is grateful for you. Without you, we would not have been able to have such an exciting year and we are so looking forward to the year ahead. For Tribe of Women 2017 has been a year of exciting growth- our team has expanded and the movement is gaining steam. In our first year of being a trademark company we have been able to do more than we thought possible- a podcast, blog, retail, workshops, events, and 3 coaching series! None of this would have been possible without YOU. Our hearts are full from all the women (and good men) who have reached out and connected us about our mission over the past year.

Finally, this has been the year of learning about what works. Check out Amy’s video with her New Year wishes for you, and giving a teaser of what is to come for Tribe of Women in 2018 – a year of creating new and exciting content for you all to engage with and continue to grow the tribe. We are already planning more events, coaching series, and a new weekly “Ask Amy” facebook live segment!

The Tribe Team has been so inspired by the year of women! We want to keep the momentum going so 2017 is just the beginning of a new norm and a new era where all women are heard and valued.

From our tribe(s) to yours, thank you for a wonderful 2017!

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