30 Day Challenge – #BeTheChange

photo credit: @bruno_nascimento

Facing challenges is so much easier when we do it together! I mean, we all know how to be nice people, but with all of the carpooling, meal making, laundry, doctor and dentist appointments, we don’t always remember to compliment a friend or schedule some “me” time. Nurturing and growing your tribe takes work, so we’re here to help by giving you daily ideas of ways you can “be the change” and “tribe it forward” one day at a time.

  1. Call a long-lost friend
  2. Write an “I’m thankful for you” letter and send it.
  3. Set up coffee dates w/ 3 friends over the next 3 wks.
  4. Be free with hugs to your tribe!
  5. Do something for yourself today.
  6. Compliment a stranger (or 2 or 3 or 4 or more!)
  7. Find a favorite book you’ve read & give it to a friend.
  8. Invite a friend over for dinner.
  9. Say “No” to something by saying “yes to you” first.
  10. Surprise someone you know could use a break from making dinner tonight.
  11. Publicly compliment 5 or more friends on social media.
  12. Make a list of the people that fill your cup, then write down what you will do to spend more time with each of them.
  13. Compliment a woman on her shoes! Then, listen to the story she tells & enjoy the conversation.
  14. Call a friend that you haven’t talked to in over a month.
  15. Donate $5 (or more) to a charity that supports women.
  16. Encourage a friend to do something for herself & help her do it if needed!
  17. Read a favorite storybook of yours to a child.
  18. Take a 1-day social media break.
  19. Meditate.
  20. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself.
  21. Turn off the tv and play games with friends or family.
  22. Take a nap (without guilt)!
  23. Write an honest letter to a friend or family member – how much you love them or how they’ve hurt you, and why. Sending it is optional. Just write.
  24. Go on a walk-n-talk with a friend.
  25. Talk w/ a woman older than you, or a younger girl, & ask them about themselves.
  26. Schedule a volunteer day for yourself where girls or women benefit.
  27. Smile at as many people as possible today & keep track of how many you get in return.
  28. Schedule a tribe time at the movie night!
  29. Seek out opportunities to help others today – open a door, pick up a dropped item, pay for coffee, park a cart or carry groceries.
  30. Sign up for the next 30-day challenge #loveyourtribe (here) and continue on the journey to be the change.

Don’t worry if you don’t make all of the challenges, you’re not perfect and frankly,  neither are we. If you miss one, make it up another day. No worries! And, if you haven’t started, no time is better than today!

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