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Hello! I’m so happy you’re interested in learning more about me and NEXXT. I’ve been working with and advocating for women for over 20 years. You may know me as the founder of Tribe of Women, a movement in women supporting women, that began with my TEDx Talk “I Believe in Tribes of Women”. The journey from there to here has been both challenging and rewarding, and the foundation for the answer to the question, “What’s next?”

I felt very supported by women in my early career. My first job as a paralegal was for two women attorneys. As a banker, my boss was a woman who believed in the “come with me” model of mentorship. Then, as an entrepreneur and consultant, I was thrust into a world where I saw women in companies, corporations, and start-ups struggling to be seen, heard, and understood. This was my world for 15 years, and I was struggling too.

In 2013, I travelled to Pakistan to support a national business plan competition. This experience solidified for me the truth that women, in communities of support for one another, were a force that could – literally – solve the problems of the world. Tribe of Women was an answer to that call to action.

For four years, Tribe of Women listened and learned. From community events and podcast interviews, to corporate deep dives with fortune 500 companies, I quickly learned two defining factors: Our actions toward one another are a direct reflection of what we know and how we feel about ourselves, and we – more often than not – don’t know who we are. In combination with cultural influence, unconscious bias, and a pervasive misunderstanding of feminism, this foundation of the mean girl culture had manifested world-wide. 

I took everything I learned from women around the world and built a curriculum based on that knowledge to help women everywhere build tribes of women supporting women. In 2018, I joined a team to put all of that learning to the test and helped build Company Club, a clubhouse for the modern woman. We tested and proved that cultures of women in community is where women thrive. Though the venture was short, the effects have been lasting and lead to what is NEXXT for me. And, I hope, for you. 

NEXXT is a catalyst community for women where we have created brave spaces for women to find clarity, confidence, and community. We do this through our NEXXT Step and NEXXT Level coaching, and our NEXXT Up conversations. My ambition is that – through these – women will lean into their power while leaning on one another and bring that fully to everything we do. The world needs us, ladies. Let’s do this!

All my love,

Connect with me any time at [email protected]

Our Team

Andrea Elvir

Andrea Elvir

Content Copy + Writing

Hi, I’m Andrea! I’m passionate and inquisitive and love meeting new people and sharing their stories. During my time studying print editorial journalism, English literature and Spanish at the University of Arkansas I worked in the university newspaper, The Arkansas Traveler, as a staff reporter for the Lifestyles section, in the Razorback Yearbook as social media editor and as a contributing editor for Hill Magazine, editing the university magazine’s first bilingual article. I also interned with Tribe of Women as social media content coordinator and as an editorial intern with The Idle Class Magazine. I currently live in my home country of Honduras.

As a skilled writer, I look forward to bringing my editorial to NEXXT, capturing all the unique and wonderful anecdotes from our members, team and advisors and sharing them with you.


Ronetta Francis

Ronetta Francis

Coach + Curriculum Development

Good to meet you. I am an extroverted-introvert, who is warm and protective, with a big laugh. My hope for NEXXT is that it sparks a flame for you to confidently give yourself the space and the grace to discover and embrace your true authentic self, while supporting and encouraging others to do the same.

Learn more about me and find my book, “Bloom Where You’re Planted” at Francis Dynamics Consulting.

Jenn Cozens

Jenn Cozens

Program + Process Strategy

Hey, I’m Jenn.  I am quippy, steady, and vicarious.  I bring my love of projects, processes, and people to help move the people forward in their own ways. When I’m not helping others achieve their goals, you can catch me on the lake with a book or searching for the perfect pair of shoes.

You can learn more and connect with me at ClaraLeone.

Mailena Urso

Mailena Urso

Website + Marketing Strategy

Hey there! I love to make ideas come to life through marketing and digital experiences that inform, convert and delight. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, I bring a broad perspective and honed skills to all marketing endeavors and like bringing order to what others deem as chaos. 

Find more about my work at Concord Adams.

Jessica Whalen

Jessica Whalen

Video + Storytelling

Nice to see you! I believe magic exists in the everyday and work to create that experience with my camera. I find true joy in cheering others on and pointing out what’s uniquely special about each person. Creating opportunities for people to feel seen and championed is my life’s work and helping others see for themselves how to own and tell their stories is why I have become a filmmaker and Storytelling Strategist.

Find all things “me” at Jessica Whalen Films.

Jeannette Balleza Collins

Jeannette Balleza Collins

Strategy + Vision

Hey hey, lovelies! I’m a whole-brainer who loves founders of all kinds and believe we all deserve spaces and processes that recognize our inherent worth and dignity. Women are our communities’ ultimate keystones and keymakers, and there’s nothing that brings me more joy than helping people reinforce their own self-leadership identities, take happy risks, and unlock shared prosperity. I’m big on cultivating capital in its many splendid shapes, and I’m looking forward to co-creating goodness alongside you!
If you’re on the socials, let’s connect: @netscribe and @startupnwa
Melissa Rhodes-Carter

Melissa Rhodes-Carter

Communication Strategy

Hi and how are you? I’m a curious and creative problem solver with a diverse background in business, diplomacy, digital marketing, communications, retail strategy, human rights assistance programming and non-profit leadership. I enjoy the challenge of creating and expanding ideas by asking thought provoking questions and presenting dynamic solutions.

Connect and learn more about me via LinkedIn.

Rachel Fox

Rachel Fox

Community Strategy + Marketing

Hiya! I’m inspired by the people in my world and bring my writing, content creation, influencer marketing, and commercial photography skills to my advocacy for inclusion and accessibility. I work with brands internationally, nationally, and locally and founded NWA Girl Gang as a platform to highlight the beauty and power of women in the region where I live to create awareness and action toward inclusion of all.

Follow and connect with me at NWA Girl Gang and on Instagram at @0utsidetheboxfox, @nwagirlgang, @nwagirlgangmarket, and @materiellehome

Juliana Echiverri

Juliana Echiverri

Finance Strategy

Hi! I am Juliana. I am curious, focused and discerning. I work with entrepreneurs to help them translate their vision and strategy into numbers and processes. My happy place is at the white board sorting through ideas or on a spreadsheet testing out the math.

More about me can be found on LinkedIn.

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