Equality AND Equity for Women with Sarah Megan Thomas

On Wall Street, all players are not created equal

Happy Women’s Equality Day! We have been celebrating this week, and 96 years of women’s right to vote, with the #tribetalk topic about the difference between equality and equity. Thank you for joining the conversation! The film Equity is being released in theaters everywhere and we had a chance to follow-up with film star, Sarah Megan Thomas, this week to talk more about her thoughts on the dual meaning for women in the title of the movie.

Photo Credit: http://sarahmeganthomas.com/
Photo Credit: http://sarahmeganthomas.com/

The movie title, “Equity”

ToW: When we saw you at Bentonville Film Festival, we started to talk about the dual meaning for women in the title “Equity”. Can you expand on that?

Thomas: Equity means justice and equality, but it’s also the word you use on Wall Street in finance as a general word for stocks/buying a piece of the business. So the title refers to the subject matter of the film but also has the double entendre of what we are trying to do with this film, which is have more equality for women in film and business at large.

ToW: What difference do you hope the movie Equity will make for women?

Thomas: The wonderful thing about movies is they have the ability to reach a wide audience and create a conversation in a way that’s not threatening. If you’re watching a movie, there’s a dialogue you can have. And my goal with this movie was that you just watch it for the thriller it is, but then you leave after and say, “Huh, that was written, directed, produced and starring women—why aren’t there more films like that?” and also just “Hm, that Wall Street world, why don’t we have more women in powerful positions?”

Thank you, Sarah. And congratulations!

This movie is a must see! (Give-away)

We’re excited about the movie and hope that everyone sees it. So excited, in fact, that we’re giving away a $30 movie pass to see Equity when you “Join THE Tribe“. Winner selection, notification, and gift certificate will be sent out on September 2nd. Find a theater near you, grab a girlfriend, and experience this smart thriller that is helping further women’s equality AND equity!

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