Holidaze – How To Fill Your Cup During the Holiday Season

How to fill your cup during the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season! There is nothing like the holiday spirit to energize. . . and exhaust you. While the cooler weather, twinkling lights, and hot cocoa mugs inspire list making, envelope licking, cookie baking, and guest room scrubbing, it also takes a lot away from – or completely obliterates – any time we have to fill our own cups. Often, by the time the celebration days arrive, we’re lost in a fog of package tracking, family finagling, late night wrapping, decoration debates, and – admittedly – too much cookie dough testing.

holidaze-fill-your-cupFill Your Cup

When we’re not really mentally, physically, or emotionally “ourselves”, we’re left with two choices: 1) Put on the ugly sweater and a smile, drink up some egg nog, and get through it; or 2) stay in our PJ’s, say that we’re sick, and secretly watch “How to Get Away with Murder” on your phone under the covers while everyone enjoys the spoils of your labor in the other room.

Here are some ways your fellow Tribe shared for filling your cup during the holiday season so you can enjoy these last weeks of the year!

The gift of time

“I like to spend time with old friends when everyone comes back into town from their different colleges. People from my high school graduating class have an annual “white elephant” party and, even though everyone is now scattered across the country for college, jobs, etc., we all make time for each other during the holiday season. These are the people who have helped shape me into who I am and it’s so important to keep contact with old friends.” Lauren

“We get together for game night.” Nicole

“We have a lot of houses that put up light displays for the holidays. I’ve met friends at a coffee shop to get cocoa, then we all get in one vehicle and look at lights and chat for an hour or so. It was fun!” Anne

The gift of food & drink

“I bake with my daughters, and enjoy a cookie exchange one of my friends hosts every year.” Laurie

“Cookie swap.” Jill

“Cookie swap!” Melissa

“Progressive meal (one place for apps, one place for main course, another place for dinner).” Summer

The gift of self-careholidaze-gifts

“‘There are consequences to being highly productive.’ This is by far the hardest thing for me to remember and keep in balance. This time of year it gets almost impossible. So here is everyone’s reminder: take care of you. It will make you better at taking care of those around you. I know its hard to reconcile, but it will also, shock and awe, make your life more enjoyable. Yes, even more than all the laundry being done or the movies being sorted into genres. The struggle is real, but it’s worth it.” Kristin

“I think a walk and talk is fun!” Jaqueline

“Take a hike! Seriously, that’s my favorite way to connect with friends these days.” Melanie

“Sometimes an opportunity to visit with people you like without the burden of bringing something, buying something, making something, or in some way having to be clever, is just too much. How about a simple shout out for a fun happy hour somewhere?” Angie

The gift of new & old traditions

“I like to create new traditions for my family and work around others schedules so I can see them and be with them and not compete with stress. My family and I created a seasonal event we call “pumpkin chunkin”- each family group builds a trajectory machine and sees how far it will throw a pumpkin. It’s so much fun. It’s okay to be non traditional and to be who you want to be for the reasons that you believe.” Loray

“I’m having girls over for an ornament exchange this weekend.” Jill

“Invite [friends] to a craft making session at your house! I have a friend who picks 1 craft and has supplies enough for everyone and then has them over and each person brings cookies or drinks or appetizers.” Monica

“Always have a jigsaw puzzle going. People can’t help gravitating to it.” Dede

“What about an old fashion telephone call?” Patricia

How do YOU tribe?

What are some ways you fill your cup, keep end-of-year stress away, or take time to take care of you? Share your thoughts in the comments. We love hearing from you!

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