Tribe Stories – When Less IS The More We Seek

When Less is More

As the first days of the new year have us pushing ourselves to do more, stretch further, and grow bigger, consider that sometimes less IS the more that we seek. Today’s wisdom of women and “Tribe Stories” contribution comes from our friend, Hannah, who wrote these words and told us we could share them with you. Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your story. Thank you, Tribe, for listening.

girls-writingDear 2016

Thanks in advance for indulging my long-winded stream of thought. I’m sure you’re completely overwhelmed by many people who are yelling at you right now. So I’ll try and keep it short and polite.
Here’s what I’ve taken away from you, and resolve to learn from and do better with after you’re gone:
I’ll be focusing on a smaller group of people I love dearly to give to. I’ve learned from you that I don’t have to give to everyone. Only those who appreciate it or can give back.
I won’t be giving myself away for free. My heart, my knowledge, and my experience is valuable. And it’s ok for me to ask other people to value that as well. And I’ll learn to value it, too. There are people out there who want those things at too great a cost for me, and too little a price for them. And those things are just not for the taking anymore.
I won’t be underestimating kindness or compassion. They’ll never be out of style or overrated. And I’ll continue to lead by example when I can afford to give those things.
I’ll be spending more time getting freckles on my nose in the sun, and letting my feet get wet in rain puddles. I’ll quit stressing about our lawn being overgrown, and try to keep my flowers watered. I’ll scratch our dog in all the right places that make his foot tap.
I’m going to try and be present for this beautiful tribe of people we have. And always be on call for them when they’re in need. As they have for me.
And I’m waiting for my cue from the universe to stand on the front lines of a revolution, the revolt against hate and thoughtlessness and quick reaction. I’ll be punching my fist in the air to fight for fairness, democracy, and kindness. Because that’s the life I’ve chosen for my family. And my son has a whole life ahead of him. And that’s the lesson I want him to take away from me.
carousel-hand-holdingI’m going to try and stop balancing my life. I’m going to just ride this carousel of crazy filled with people and things I love, music that makes me dance, and events and volunteer positions that fill my soul. Even if this adventure kills me. Because I built this Merry-go-round. And I like it this way. Even if I can’t find clean socks and the kitchen remodel never gets finished. I’d rather die knowing I did the things that were important to me and fill the chapters of my book with stories that others want to read.
So, it’s been fun, 2016. And it’s time for you to head on out. You can take your meanies, miscommunications, complicated fixes to seemingly easy problems, and I’m going to build on bonfires with new friends, asking for what I need, skipping laundry if I don’t want to do it, diving in head first on gut instincts, and fighting for what I believe in.
Thanks so much,

Thank YOU, Hannah.

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