Tribe of Women Loves Mood and Market

Tribe of Women is proud to announce our latest partnership with Mood and Market!

Mary, the founder of Mood and Market, had been dreaming of running her own business for years. As a wife and mother, she rarely found time for herself in her hectic schedule. Being a mom felt like her only role, and while she loved it, she knew that she wanted something in her life to take ownership of. After being a stay at home mom for 15 years, she decided it was time to start doing something simply for herself. In 2015, Mary began her own interior design business and saw intense growth. The business was successful, but it removed her from the home more than she liked. It was impossible to strike the balance between running a successful business and being an attentive wife and mother. Who hears that? (Me! Me! Me!)

Passion & Repurpose

She quickly decided that her family was more important than her business, and spent a year transitioning back into “mommy-dom”. Mary began to wonder if it was possible to stay at home and still have a “thing” outside of the home that would also help support the family. That “thing” stems from creativity and love of all things transformable. Mary likes to say that her mother was a junker before it was cool. That habit that once embarrassed Mary eventually turned into her passion. Now, she has adopted her mother’s love of “junk” and turns antique furniture and vintage housewares into something new and beautiful. One thing that sets her work apart from other junkers is her eye for authenticity. Mary has a knack for recognizing historical characteristics of pieces, from how old they are to the type of wood they’re made from. She finds joy in making trash into treasure, and, as her mom used to say, “being able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.

Mary’s idea for Mood and Market was born from the combination of her love, gifts, and desire for work/life integration. She also wanted to lift up and create a community of other local artists that could not only help with production but feature their skills and talent. Since there’s not enough time in the day to be a wife, mom, find antique goodies, or learn different trades (welding, painting, etc.) to transform them… she decided not to. Mood and Market allows Mary to find beautiful pieces and create a vision of transformation while relying on other local artists to bring them to life. She loves to spotlight the artists she partners with on her website and support local business.

Tribe it Forward!

Mary brings the Mood, and her best friend, Loray, brings the Market. Loray understands the ins and outs of how to run a business and happily brought that knowledge to the table. Loray also has strong ties to Tribe of Women, knows our belief in women entrepreneurs being vital to economic growth, and our desire to walk our talk of women supporting women. We are proud to be working with Mood and Market and are so grateful that a portion of their women’s equality “Under Wear” line of clothing sales go to support our “gift one” Tribe Talks.

Women supporting women. Shop Mood and Market and let’s tribe it forward, together!