The Healthy Habits of Tribe – What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?

Imagine a point in time – a day, a night, a weekend, a single moment – when everything is just as it should be. Everyone and everything you need and want surrounds you. There is love, laughter, security, and peace. Close your eyes. Do you see it? Do you feel it? What does it smell like? What is the temperature? Are you inside or outside? Now, who is there? Look around. What faces do you see? What are they doing? What are their expressions saying to you? Who are they in your life?

Igolu Cycle One Certification, AZ 2015
Igolu Cycle One Certification, AZ 2015

This is a sampling of a visioning exercise from Igolu, an intention based program and part of a larger body of work to explore personal legacy and goals by remembering your best self and living toward it. Chances are that your tribe of women is there as part of your vision of your best self, and in that ideal vision they “are my forward movement when I can’t face the day and my respite when I’ve run too far, too fast.”

Who are these women in your best self vision? How do you cultivate them? How do you maintain the health of your tribe? We had the privilege of coming across a post of a women’s circle on Instagram. We were captivated. “Yes! This is how you tribe.” We contacted Sarah Peck who took the picture, and she shared that it was from a Thousand Network women’s retreat they designed . “The theme was replenish + restore and we all came together for rejuvenation.” wrote Sarah.

Thousand Network Retreat & Women's Circle
Thousand Network Retreat & Women’s Circle

Sarah gave us permission to use and share the photo with you to inspire you to share your “healthy habits of tribe”. Is it a regular phone call? A yearly gathering? Attending conferences? Weekly yoga, happy hour, walk in the park, or dinner? Do you learn together? Get active together? Or simply be together?

Tell us your story! Share your healthy habits of tribe in the comments below, on Facebook, or submit a full story at Your Stories. Have some great pictures send them to or tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is how we tribe!


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